Flex Stop

This guide shows you how to set up a Lift Mate Magnetic Sensor for use with the Flex Stop Function.  After installing the sensor and enabling it in the Lift Mate App, your lift will automatically travel to and stop at the sensor position(s) when each sensor is encountered,

Please insure your lift is unplugged and powered off during this process.

1. Locate each area where you would like your lift to stop.


2.2. Although not necessary for function, we recommend to use CORDMATE II C50 cord channel manufactured by Legrand to protect the wired sensor and its cable from the elements.  This can be purchased separately online or at most electrical supply stores.  

Clean the mounting position areas to remove any oxidation, debris, or growth.  Light sanding and a final wipe with denatured alcohol works well.  Cut the protective CORDMATE II channel to the length you will need to encompass both the storage and boarding position wired sensors, up to where you will penetrate the I-Beam to get over to the control box.  Peel the adhesive off of the CORDMATE II and place it lengthwise flush to the edge of the I-Beam.  Snap open the top cover from the CORDMATE II channel for the next step

 Cordmate Mounting Position

2.3 Using the double sided adhesive, place the wired portion of the magnetic sensor in the open channel of the CORDMATE on the stationary I-Beam, Dock, or structure per the sketch & photo below.  Insure that any moving part (cradle, cargo lift, deck lift) will not touch the conduit as the lift is raised or lowered.  Then take the non-wired sensor, and with the provided double sided adhesive mount it on the inside edge of the moving part of the lift, sketch and photo below, such that two sensor halves come in proximity of one another, without actually touching, when the lift is in motion.

You can wire in multiple wired flex stop sensors, in parallel, in order for the lift to stop in multiple positions.

Sensor Mounting Position In CordMate Channel

2.4. Run the wire from the sensor upward along the edge of the structure in the CORDMATE II channel towards the control box.  At the bottom level of the control box, drill a small hole big enough to fit the sensor wires through the I-Beam flanges as shown in the photo below.  Run the wire through the holes and pull the slack through.  Snap the CordMate channel closed when you have installed all of the desired Flex Stop sensors.


2.5. Open your control box and locate an area on the bottom where it is possible to drill a small hole for insertion of the sensor wires.  Pull the wire through the hole in the control box and pull the slack through.  Cut off any additional slack while leaving enough length to strip and wire the sensor to the Lift Mate device.

2.6 Strip the wires and connect each side to the two terminals of Sensor 2 of the Lift Mate circuit board.

2.7 Go to your Lift Mate App for your boat lift and select the lower right cogwheel icon for tools, then go into Input Configuration.  Scroll down the page and find the Flex Stop Sensor Setting.  Toggle the sensor to on (green).  Hit the close button to exit the settings. 

Congratulations, you have successfully installed and enabled your Flex Stop feature.