No Wifi No Problem USB Hotspot Setup

Setting Up Your USB Cellular Hot Spot

Your Hot Spot will arrive with the SIM card pre-installed.  To setup and activate your new account, please go to and use the ICCID & Serial Number located behind your SIM card holder to set up an account with SimHero.  Then follow instructions and select which data plan you would like.  100MB per month is more than sufficient to connect the Lift Mate device.  However, if you'd like to use the 4G Hot Spot to also run your security camera, a significantly higher amount of data is necessary.

Once your data plan is set up, you should be able to plug your USB Hot Spot with a USB power block into a weather proof enclosure in the vicinity of your boat lift.

When plugged in and powered up, you can connect to the network named on the back label of the hot spot.

Network Name: 4G-UFI-XXXX (XXXX=four numbers)

Password: 1234567890

When using the hot spot for Lift Mate connectivity, you must connect your phone to the hot spot's network while setting up the Lift Mate & the Camera, as well as using the hot spot's network and password to connect the Lift Mate & Camera to during installation.  You can then forget the network from your phone so as not to use data every time your phone is near the hot spot.