Additional Unique Key Upgrade Packs

Each regular Lift Mate device comes with 20 unique keys and one guest key which can be shared with other people. 

The difference between unique keys and the guest key are detailed below:

Unique keys

      • One unique key works on one smartphone only
      • Access rights of each unique key can be managed individually
      • The recommended way to share keys with others is using unique keys

Guest key

      • The guest key can be shared with an unlimited amount of smartphones
      • The access rights of all the guest key holders can be managed as a group (if the guest key is disabled, none of them will have access)
      • Internet access is limited for guest keys

Unique keys are the recommended way to share keys with others, and sharing them has a lot of benefits compared to always sharing the guest key. If you think that you need to have more than 20 unique keys, we have a solution for that: It is now possible to upgrade the number of unique keys in your Lift Mate to 100 using an available for purchase activation license.  Please contact Lift Mate Support Email at if you'd like to purchase this activation license.