Initial Installation of Your Lift Mate Device In The App

Setting Up A New Device In The Lift Mate App


This guide shows you how to set up your Lift Mate Device with the Lift Mate App. After setting up the device, you will be able to control your boat lift from the app and also access additional security and convenience features.

1. Download the Lift Mate App

Go to the Apple or Google Play App Store (depending on your smartphone) and search for the Lift Mate App under 'lift-mate'.  Once found, download then open the app.

2. Setup Device in the Lift Mate app

2.1. Once you download and open the app, please select OK when you are asked to allow the app to use Bluetooth.  Setup through the app to your device uses the device's bluetooth transmitter.

2.2 The App will then ask you'd like to allow the App to back up your Lift Mate Keys to your iCloud account.  This is not required, however, if you accidentally delete the app or get a new phone, the only way your Lift Mate devices will work with a new phone or re-downloaded app is if you back up your Keys to your iCloud account.  For the iCloud backup, please select, 'Yes'.

2.3 From the Welcome Screen, select 'Start'.  

Choose the language you'd like to use in your app.  The default is 'English'.  

The next setting is to allow automatic backups so you will always have the latest version of the Lift Mate firmware on your device.  If you do not wish to have automatic backups, you will occasionally have to check to see if there are firmware updates available from the tools menu.  Make your selection and choose 'Next'.

Then hit 'Finish' and the App will ask you if you'd like the App to send your notifications and alerts.  It is important to select 'Allow' in order to take advantage of the security and convenience features of the Lift Mate device.

Once complete, the below screen will appear.

Lift Mate App Home Screen 

2.4 Insure your boat lift is plugged in and your Lift Mate device is installed correctly.  The led light on the center of your Lift Mate device should be flashing white when it is ready to be set up.  Make sure you're close to your boat lift & press the button on the app in the figure above that says, 'Set up new device'.  Your app will immediately search for nearby devices and locate your Lift Mate device.

The App will prompt you to select a unique name for your device.  Change the name through the app & select 'OK'.  The App will then continue with setup of your device.

After initial setup, the App will prompt you to setup your input & output configuration settings.  Select, 'See Settings' and you will be brought to the Input Configuration screen below where you will be able to select the features your current lift and control box has enabled.  Click the link here for an explanation of the Interface Configuration Settings.  Once you select the specific features of your lift, scroll down and select, 'Close'.  Then press the lower left 'Home' button and you are then complete with initial setup.  

Lift Mate Configuration Settings Graphic 

If you do not go to Configuration Settings during the initial setup, you can always get back to the settings through the tools menu page below.

2.5 You are now able to control your boat lift through the Lift Mate App using the Bluetooth connection.  To set up to connect through wifi & internet, please click the below links and follow the directions.