Interface Configuration Settings

I. Introduction

The below describes how to configure you Lift Mate device based on your current boat lift capabilities.  Please make sure not to enable any function in the interface configuration settings unless you are 100% certain that your lift indeed has the listed capability.

II. Limit Switches

Limit Switches Are Strongly Recommended For Anyone Using A Lift Mate To Remotely Control Their Boat Lift.  Limit Switches are devices that automatically stop the boat lift from traveling past safe raised and lowered positions.  If your boat lift has limit switches installed, set, and working properly, you may turn this function on.  Once this function is enabled, you will have access to the Auto-Run configuration settings.  If you do not have limit switches, please keep this setting turned off.  In the off position the Lift Mate App up a down buttons will perform very similar to your keychain remote whereas you have to keep your finger on the button in order for the lift to operate.  When you release your finger from the button, your lift will stop operating.

    III. Auto Run

    Auto Run is a feature on a boat lift where the boat lift will continue to operate until either a stop command is initiated or a functioning limit switch is reached.  It is extremely dangerous and not recommended to use an Auto Run feature without limit switches being installed.  If you have limit switches installed, set, and working properly, you may enable the Auto Run feature in the Lift Mate configuration settings which gives you access to further features through your Lift Mate device.

    If you do not have Auto-Run capability on your boat lift control box but have functioning limit switches, leave the toggle in the off position.  This will enable you to set the length of your up and down pulse to simulate an Auto Run to the pulse length of your choosing.  During the timed run up or down, the movement of the lift can be stopped by hitting the stop button on the app or letting the lift run all the way until one of the functioning limit switches is reached.

    IV. Up / Down Button Impulse Length

    The Up / Down Impulse Length sliding buttons allow you manually set the duration of the output pulse the Lift Mate device sends to your boat lift.  

    For a lift without the Auto Run feature enabled, the length of this pulse can be set up to 16 minutes to enable the user to simulate a continuous run (Auto Run) feature.  For example, if the impulse duration was set to 14 minutes, the lift would continue to operate for up to 14 minutes unless a manual stop command was initiated or one of the functioning limit switches was reached.

    For a lift with the Auto Run feature enabled, the length of the pulse can only be adjusted up to 10 seconds, but typically a 500ms pulse is sufficient to begin lift travel.

    V. Stop Button

    This feature allows you to adjust the pulse length of your stop command.


    Storage Position Sensor

    The Storage Position Sensor function is always available.  A Lift Mate Limit Switch Sensor must be installed in order to take advantage of this security feature.  One Lift Mate Limit Switch Storage Position Sensor is provided with your Lift Mate device, which can be used for this feature.  The Limit Switch Storage Position Sensor Installation Guide shows proper wiring of the Limit Switch Sensor.

    The Storage Position is meant to be used as a security feature for your vessel.  If you keep your boat at the upper limit switch when stored, the Lift Mate app will show a message on your vessel (device) page that the vessel is in its storage position.  The security feature is such that, if the boat lift is powered up and begins to operate your lift down off of the storage position, your Lift Mate device will power up and connect to your network immediately and send a notification to the administrator's smartphone telling them the lift has moved off of it's storage position.

    Service Position

    The service position feature allows you to automatically stop your boat lift at a preset position of your choosing.  The service position can be accomplished with a Lift Mate Limit Switch Storage Position Sensor (included) wired into Input 3 of your Lift Mate device.

    Once installed properly, this feature may be enabled in your configuration settings.

    Using the Lift Mate Limit Switch Storage Position Sensor, the service position is achieved by using a timed run from the Storage Position (upper limit switch).  When the lift is at your storage position (upper limit switch engaged), measure the amount of time the lift needs to run from the storage position down to the desired service position.  When this amount of time is known, please slide the timer to the time that was measured down to your desired service position.

    Please note the service position should always keep your vessel buoyancy position higher than the highest possible tide to insure the boat cannot be floated by moving it to the service position.

    An additional limit switch sensor may be purchased and wired into input 1 of your Lift Mate device.  This will allow you to set another timer which will bring your boat from the lower limit switch position up to your desired service position, much like the down to service position timer was set up.

    Flex Stop

    The Flex Stop feature is meant to be used with wired magnetic sensors wired into the Input 2 of the Lift Mate.  When installed and enabled, a stop command will automatically be initiated every time a wired magnetic sensor is picked up.  There are no notifications with this feature.  An example of this feature is with a cargo lift for multiple levels of a home, where the owner desires the cargo lift to automatically stop at each level.  One could install a magnetic sensor at each level such that the flex stop function would automatically stop the lift when the wired and unwired portion of sensor came in contact.  Multiple sensors can be wired into Input 2 to achieve multiple stopping points.

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