Why Do I Need A Lift Mate Device?

The Lift Mate device enables you keep your boat lift out of the water, while not having the complication of waiting to get into keychain remote range to then wait for your boat lift to complete it's long journey down.  Just log into the app as long as you have cellular service, hit the down button, and by the time your reach the dock, your boat lift should be ready for you to pull on.  

Additionally, our amazing security & convenience features such as live video feed with motion detection & night vision, anti-theft notifications, and boarding position feature all make Lift Mate a great device for both boat security as well as boat lift control.

Many boat lift owners ask us how a Lift Mate device benefits them when they can just leave their boat lift down during an excursion out on the water.

Leaving a boat lift submerged for prolonged periods of time can have the following detrimental affects to a boat lift:

  • Submerged boat lifts are water hazards to other vessels and collisions can occur, damaging vessels and boat lifts.

  • Wood bunks deteriorate quicker when submerged for long periods of time.

  • Submerged lifts accelerate formation of biological growth, as well as metal deterioration due to galvanic corrosion, reducing lift performance and life.

In addition, the Lift Mate device acts as a back-up for your keychain remote should your battery go dead or loss.  On most lifts, even if your control panel goes bad, the Lift Mate app will still control your boat lift!