Detailed installation guide for TEC Remote

Please insure power to your boat lift is disconnected prior to opening control box and making any connections! 

Lift Mate Wiring Diagram for TEC Remote Box

Included with your device are 6 T-Tap Wire Connectors.  With a pair of pliers, crimp connectors on each of the following wires coming out of receiver board upper terminal block: 2 Connectors on Ground, 2 Connectors on 24VAC, one on CH1, & one on CH2.  The below video shows how to install and use the T-Tap Connectors.  The plug ends have already been crimped on wires from the Lift Mate device.


When complete, take each wire from the Lift Mate device (they are color coded per the wiring diagram) and plug the respective wire into corresponding T-Tap Connector you installed on the wires coming from the terminal block.  Insure the connector tongues are centered prior to installation and fully engaged once connected.  The wire labeled 'Stop' from the Lift Mate device gets inserted into the lower receiver terminal block, third opening from the left, that is marked 'Stop'.  To insert the wire into this terminal block, use a small flat screwdriver to push in the orange button above the terminal hole, insert the wire, and release the orange button.

The Upper Limit Switch Sensor Wires are connected per the wiring diagram below.  The blue wire can go into the upper limit with terminal block (blue wire) and the red wire can be connected into the upper right terminal block (white wires) per the diagram below.

Install the Power cord connection into the Lift Mate device.

You may now power up your boat lift.  Once powered up the Lift Mate device light should begin blinking rapidly.  This means the device is ready for set up through the app.

You can click on this link for App installation instructions.