Guide For Installing Foscam Security Camera After Lift Mate Installation


After pairing your camera with the Lift Mate app - please refer to our camera setup guide on how to do this. You can also add the camera to the manufacturer's app to access more manufacturer related features.

Get camera credentials from the Lift Mate app

The first step is to get the camera credentials from the Lift Mate app. Go to the Lift Mate device which has the camera paired already, enter the settings menu and scroll down to Camera. Open the Camera menu.

Scroll down and tap on the "Show advanced settings" button.

Note down the username and password credentials that appear.  You can hold your finger down on the username or password in order to copy and paste them into the Foscam App


Set up device in the Foscam app

Make sure your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the camera.

In the Foscam app press the "+" button to add a new device

Click Scan QR code.

Press next in the setup-related the screens that pop up (about the "Hello foscam" message etc...).

The Foscam app will then find your camera and try to connect to it. At this point you will be asked to enter the username and password from the camera.  

Enter the username and password that you've copied from the Lift Mate app in the previous step and continue.

Your camera should show up in the Foscam app and should now be usable with both the Lift Mate and Foscam applications.