Locating Your Device Serial Number & Registering Your Device

I. Introduction

This tutorial will show you how you can check the serial number of your Lift Mate device.  After locating your device serial number, you may select the button at the bottom of the page which will open a pre-formatted email to us where you can enter your device information, purchase location, and purchase date if desired.

II. Prerequisites

  • Your Lift Mate device needs to be set up using your smartphone (you must be the admin)

III. Steps

1) Swipe over to your Lift Mate device in the app

2) Tap on the settings icon in the bottom right corner


Lift Mate Settings Image For Locating Device Serial Number

3) Scroll down to Bluetooth information, and tap on it. The serial number is visible at the bottom of the screen


Lift Mate BlueTooth Information Page For Locating Device Serial Number


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@lift-mate.com