Security Camera Operation Through App

Using Your Security Camera Through The Lift Mate App


This guide shows you how to operate a Lift Mate compatible Foscam camera through the Lift Mate app. After setting up the camera you will be able to see your boat lift right from the app where you can also control it.


Once installed correctly, you will see a similar display when opening your Lift Mate page for your device.

Below is an explanation of each of the camera control function buttons.

When pressed, the above button starts live video streaming from your camera.

The above button refreshes the still camera image shown.

The above button, when pressed, mutes the cameras audio to your smartphone.

The above button enables or disables the cameras two-way audio function.  When enabled the user can speak remotely through the camera at the camera's location.

The above button turns the cameras LED spotlight on or off manually.

The above button hides the Lift Mate control buttons to give the user a better view of only the cameras video.

This button sends the video to full screen landscape mode (below), where all control and camera features remain available.

Adding the camera to the Foscam app as well (optional)

After setting up the camera with the Lift Mate app you can also set it up in the Foscam app to access other manufacturer-related features. You can do this by following this guide.